Online kids club registration and check-in system

Are you tired of the hassle and chaos that comes with managing children's club attendance and registration? provides a user-friendly online check-in and registration platform, tailor-made to meet the specific needs of your clubs. Say goodbye to paper sign-ups and manual tracking - using, everything is streamlined and digital.

Highly recommend this resource - easy registration, quick nightly check in and the option to print individual group registers was fantastic. Thank you!!
- Karen D

Create custom signup forms
Streamline registration with personalised forms. Tailor questions to fit your club's unique requirements, and collect just the information you need. Say goodbye to paperwork and hello to effortless online sign-ups!
Signup form with custom fields
Set up groups and sessions
Organise your children's clubs like a pro. Create groups and schedule sessions with ease. helps you create a well-structured and organised club.
Signup form with custom fields
Mobile-first check-in
Convenient check-ins with a single tap! Our mobile-responsive platform lets leaders mark attendance from any device. No more long queues - just quick and efficient check-ins!
Signup form with custom fields
Record attendance at each session
Track attendance with ease. Effortlessly record kids' participation for every club session and create printed register sheets to help your club run smoothly.
Signup form with custom fields

One-off clubs
For short-term holiday clubs and summer camps that run for up to 30 days. Unlimited attendees, groups, and sessions.
On-going clubs
For clubs that run regularly throughout the year. Automatic weekly/monthly sessions. Unlimited attendees, groups, and sessions.
Coming soon

Sign up your organisation today and experience the convenience, efficiency, and peace of mind that comes with a modern club management solution.
Very happy to have used this app last week and would highly recommend. So much easier than previous years of pen and paper... Much time saved and easy to use.
- Jean D